• Brigitte Vogelsangs senior trade marketeer

    friends, travelling, nature, enjoying life,

    personal question:

    ''What is the best thing about working together with clients from many different nationalities?''

    Each market has its own characteristics. This means that we, as trade marketing department, consider and implement many different solutions. These are adjusted to consumers and customers in that country. That’s a challenge and offers many opportunities. What we learn in one country, we can apply, with some local adjustments, in the other country. As we continue to learn and strengthen each other.

  • Emma Helleman product manager
  • Floortje van Brakel event manager
  • Irma van Bavel junior online marketeer

    "Social person, sun, tapas, terrace, creative, impulsive, piano, festivals"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes it fun to work at elho?"

    I go to work with a smile because elho is a social, dynamic, energetic and fresh company. My job entails a lot of different tasks. No one day is the same, it's very various work!Besides that, we have a beautiful working space, every offica has elho products filled with lovely plants and flowers. These plants create a cozy feeling and this is a sizeable contribution to the positive atmosphere.

  • Jasmijn van der Linden Product Manager
  • Jill van der Ven junior trade marketeer

    ''Sociability, friends & family, enthousiastic, go-getter, open, football, snowboarding, going on vacations, drinks & shopping"

    Personal Question:

    "What makes working at elho fun?"

    The challenges, the variety, the organising and being creative are all reasons I go to work with a smile. I often get the question: "What is it that you do exactly?", but it is impossible to answer, because I do so many different things it would take me 30 minutes to tell you about it! No day has been the same for me! I ended up in a wonderful team, with enthousiastic and social colleagues, in a great working environment and atmosphere!

  • Marc Tomassen manager online
  • Patty Willems PR/CR Manager
  • Ragna Ferwerda senior product manager

    "Family, friends, dancing, music, series, loyal, creative, love life"

    personal question

    " Which product of elho stands out for you and why?"

    Personally, I am a huge fan of the nice products of the pure family. before I worked at elho, I already was a fan of the pure round; a stylish replacement of the normal flowerpot everybody knows. currently I am surrounded by all the nice products of elho every day. all these lovely creations with their happy colours and nice forms inspire me to make sure that we can keep surprising our customers with new products.  

  • Sophie Jansma projectleader marketing
  • Suzanne Kuijs trade marketeer

    Shopping, traveling the world, sports, listening to music, tasty and healthy food, enthusiastic, creativity, cosines

    personal question:

    ''Why do you feel comfortable at elho?''

    The fun, energetic people that together have a greater goal creates a positive vibe. Besides that, it is always fun, which means that there is a very nice atmosphere. Working in a beautiful environment ensures that I enter the office with pleasure every day.