• Adam Last sales representative UK

    family, friends, travelling, swimming, cycling, surfing, skiing.

    personal question:

    Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    The people of Elho are so friendly and caring, I have been made to feel very welcome by everyone I have met in the company.

  • Benjamin Schömig Key account manager Germany

     "Spending time with family and friends, snowboarding, fitness"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you like to work at elho?"

    Working for elho means to me that I can work with a great team in an innovative organization. I love to be inspired by our beautiful products and convince new customers of our successful concept. This passion has lasted six years already and thay haven't seen the last of me here.

  • Bouke van Dongen key account manager Benelux

      ''Friendly, sportive, hockey, skiing, travelling, to score, social, enthusiastic, laughing, family''

    Personal question: Where are you proud of at elho?

    I’m proud of elho, because we always try to make everyone happy.
    With our products we try to make our consumer happy and when they are happy our customers are also happy.
    Elho doesn’t only want to make the consumer happy but also the people of the fantastic elho team.
    A apiary to Fit Fest, everything is done to make the people happy so we can carry out our motto as well as possible; ‘’ elho brings nature into people’s daily life’’ 

  • Chris Buck sales representative

    “Family, Friends, Rugby, Liverpool FC, Running, Music, Drumming, Travelling, Holidays.”

    Personal question: 

    “Which product of Elho stands out for you and why?”


    The product that stands out for me is the Pure Raindrop as it is such a unique and innovative design, it epitomises how Elho bring new exciting products to the market year after year.

  • Christoph Holloch Merchandiser

    I love my Friends, the Sun, Musik, Diving, Cinema and Cooking.

    Personal question:

    Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    The atmosphere and the climate is familier. You feel welcome.

    Elho is modern and young.I am glad to be part of this team.

    I´m so Happy I´m elho….


  • Claudio Furlan Sales Manager South Europe

     "Rock music, tennis, cinema, animals, travelling around the world. Life is beautiful!"

    Personal Question:

    Why do you feel comfortable at elho?

    Elho is a young and dynamic company with a very clear identity, superb quality products and great image. We surprise and inspire people all over the world and that makes me really proud of being part of the team.

    Which product of elho stands out for you and why?

    I am a great fan of the LOFT range: it’s a simple, colorful and very functional collection that has become one of Elho’s best-sellers in a very short time and a MUST HAVE for our customers.

  • Craig Keyworth key accountmanager

    Fan of Huddersfield Town Football club, running, family, John Grant

    personal question:

    What am I proud of at Elho?  

    The commitment to the environment with the new wind turbine, recycling and the bees.

  • Casper van de Sand Account Manager Benelux

      "Sun, sea, water sports, socializing, music, running, optimist, so enjoy!"

    Personal Question:

    "What gives you the greatest satisfaction with regard to working with the customers of elho?"

    I get the greatest satisfaction when I'm on a customer visit, because I can advise them on the best range and trends for a certain season! The many customers I visit every day always manage to inspire and surprise me with the amazing possibilities our fantastic products have to offer. Moreover, I love to invite customers to our experience, where they can get acquainted with all the innovations for the new sales year.

  • Daniele Bertolino sales representative italy

      ‘’I love sport, friends, family, nature and good food’’

    Personal question: Where are you proud of at elho?

    I’m proud to be a part of elho team to the joy and energy that I find every day in the people company; professionalism, passion, continuous innovation are the perfect environment to go to work very day happy.

    ‘’I love sport, friends, family, nature and good food’’

    Personal question: Where are you proud of at elho?

    I’m proud to be a part of elho team to the joy and energy that I find every day in the people company; professionalism, passion, continuous innovation are the perfect environment to go to work very day happy.

  • David Nicholson sales manager

    “My Wife, daughter, son, American Football (Go Broncos!), running, cycling, holidays”

    personal question 

    "Where are you proud of at elho?"

    On the day of my first interview with elho when I walked through the door I knew I wanted to work for the company. 

    " I knew I wanted to be part of the action! "

    The energy and enthusiasm in the building is electric, so inspirational for me to share the passion for this beautifully designed and carefully handcrafted elho range. Perfect for the UK market, something we can’t avoid falling in love with and enjoying as part of our homes.

  • Denise Wollin Merchandiser(in)

    Sports lover, enjoying family time,  good food = good live, enthusiastic, Fun

    Personal question:

    “Why do you go with pleasure to work?”

    During my training I got to know the employees and their philosophy.

    Elho is a very dynamic, surprising and green thinking company.

    The brand is always at the center, every employee is happy to contribute to the growth of the Company.

    As well as the company and its beautiful products, I also look forward to growing with Elho.

    It is a pleasure to be a part of such power!

  • Dorothee Maier merchandiser

    My motto: expect life

    Personal question:

    ''Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    The people of elho are so friendly and caring, I felt very welcome by everyone I have met in the company.

    It is a modern and innovative family company, also thinking in green nature and social support - liliane fond.

    I am happy to work in this team.

  • Franck Béthune Sales Representative France

    "Ju-jitsu, french gastronomy, gun’s and roses, diving, beekeeping"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you go to work with a smile?"

    My pleasure is to advise the right products to give the customer the feeling he has made a good deal with me.


  • Ilse van Liempd Sales Representative Benelux

    I have been working as an representative for elho for five years now. Elho is a company that greatly inspires me and I can use an enormous amount of creativity, which is a great motivation for me to do my very best. Every time it is a challenge to establish great customer satisfaction and even recruiting new customers.


  • Jérôme Bard sales representative france

    Socializing, team, family and friends, nature, running, ski, music

    Personal question: Why would you recommend elho to a friend?

    Elho is an international company, modern, dynamic, innovative and it is like a family.  
    It’s real start up with the aim of bringing nature in your home. The team is friendly, caring and motivated. I felt very well welcomed by everyone I met.
    It’s a source of motivation for me. I am very happy to work in this team

  • Joachim Winkler Salesmanager Germany/Middle Europe

     Active sports, handball, good food and cooking, fast rider, great love for France"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    I love mid-sized companies with a strong international brand and active owners with great enthusiasm - this is exactly what I found at elho. I am proud of the team, the products and concepts, which makes it much easier for a seller to communicate this to our international customers. I love the power, the speed, and the 'special' style elho offers, that's what makes it feel comfortable to me.

  • Liz Luhr merchandiser

    "I love my family and friends, arts and culture, interior design, nature and more"

    personal question

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    It is a modern and innovative family company

    who value products in high and design.

    Customer oriented act. The Focus is not just only on marketing and visual merchandising, but also thinking green and support liliane fond.

    I am happy to work in the team, because it is a team!!!

  • Louise Cross Sales Representative United Kingdom

      "impulsive, athletic, outgoing, problem solver, marathon runner, fast talker, shopaholic"

    Personal Question:

    "Which product elho offers, stands out for you and why?"

    When I look at the product lines elho offers, the Loft stands out for me. It gives the customer a unique modern pot and is available in different colors and sizes to fit in any garden.

  • Martine van Neer merchandiser
  • Melek Keles sales representative Germany

     "family & friends, enjoying life, running, beach, shopping"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel comfortable at home?"

    It's great to work for elho. Elho is innovative, dynamic and growing. My jobs brings a lot of variety and challenge, exactly what suits me!

  • Niek Ruland accountmanager

     "Running, radio DJ, South America, Spanish, energy, discover, persevere, win"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you proud to work for elho?"

    An e-mail from South Africa, a picture of a store presentation in Chile and a phone call from Dubai. Every day we are working with the team to unfold the successful elho concept all over the world. With an enthusiastic team at the export department, we convince people all over the world of our products, with as much inspiration, passion and experience as we can. As one of our partners, for example, one from Colombia, lets us know that our products are very successful, it really gives a you kick. I am proud to be part of yet another successful launch and to contribute to the success of elho!

  • Niells Bosch Sales manager Scandinavia & export


  • Oliver Bathauer Merchandiser
  • Orry van de Voort commercial business analyst

    Enjoying life, motorcycles, watching series,  playing football, friends, traveling the world

    personal question:

    ''Why do you feel comfortable at elho?''

    Elho is a warm, dynamic family business with ambitious goals. It exudes the ‘’we’’ feeling and you can feel it every day when you enter the office. The good atmosphere, ambitious goals and the ability to develop myself and elho makes it the perfect match for me.

  • Paolo Danieli account manager Italy

    "nature, landscapes, hiking, people, music and capoeira"

    personal question:

    "What would you say to customers and consumer about elho?"

    Passion, specialism, fun and curiosity for our work are immediately recognizable in elho products, and our wonderful colours! The attention for the safeguard of our planet, using recycled raw material for production and packaging, the production of electricity through wind turbines and energy saving are some reasons that make me proud every day to be part of elho team!!

  • Philip Noten Sales Manager Southern Europe and Non-EU Countries

     "Family, sports, animals, WWII, Asia"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you proud to work for elho?" 

    It is just beautiful to be a exclusively Dutch company and to be able to sell your products in China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, etc. It's really cool to see that our unique concept has been successful everywhere and that our pots provide that additional bit of happiniss to make people enjoy life.

    Let's go for the rest of the world!

  • Philippe Canonier sales representative France

    "Socializing , cooking ,good wine , surf , Rugby , cycling , travelling around the world , seaside , family and friends"

    personal question: 

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    I have the opportunity to work for an international company which is a leader on the French market, and Elho provides high quality products: that’s a source at motivation for me. Moreover, I have many enthousiastic colleagues.

  • Pierre-Alain Brard sales representative France

    family and friends, tennis, squash, sports in general,  cooking, enjoy myself, share

    Personal question: Why do you go with pleasure to work?

    It’s very pleasant to work for an international company which have beautiful products and a very good quality.
    Elho is a real source of inspiration of creating, innovating and dreaming with her products. I am proud to share with Elho.

  • Rainer Hampel Sales Manager Germany

     "Family, jiu jitsu, tennis, (water) skiing, fitness, paragliding, motorcycling, visiting new countries, meeting new and interesting people"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you proud of working at elho?"

    For more than 11 years I have been happy to be a member of the fantastic elho team and I enjoy every day to convince new customers of the successful elho concept!

  • Ralph Bongaerts Sales manager Benelux
  • Renaud Lorillard sales manager France
  • Renske Vermijs assistant commerce

     ‘’Happy, dreamer, hockey, tennis, skiing, developing and learning, enjoy, family and friends!’’

    Personal question: Why do you go with pleasure to work?

    It’s cool to work on a nice brand with an ambitious international team. Every day is different, every day new challenges come over and this ensures that you’re continuously focused.
    Besides that, there is space for personal development, growing and working together for the future of elho and yourself, so you can perform optimally, that feels good!

  • Samuel Haichais key accountmanager France

    " How do you experience the working atmosphere at elho?"

    The confidence is the good spirit for Elho, each person is someone for Elho and the values are important in order to work in the good atmosphere.

    What gives you the most satisfaction with working together with customers of elho?

    Elho is recognized as a great and beautiful brand with a lot of marketing to bring fun to people

  • Sergio Rodriguez sales manager spain

    football, F.C. Barcelona,  cooking, red wine, friends and travel around the world

    Where are you proud of at elho? 

    I’m  proud to be part of Elho because is a great company, involved with the society, funny and dynamic. Every day I find at elho the team spirit, passion and continuous innovation about products, process and business.

  • Sophie Malvaud Sales Representative France

     Dynamic, autonomous, organized, challenging, ambitious, volunteer, team spirit, running, climbing, skiing, scuba diving"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you happy to work for elho?"

    Every day I enjoy achieving our goal: creating satisfied customers. Elho is a dynamic, international company with an open mind that offers many new shapes, colours and concepts every year to achieve higher profitability.

    I like to offer our customers a range of structures inside / outside, and to make presentations that enable our customers to dream and by doing so, making them happy.


  • Sophie Viane Sales Representative France

     "Generalist, traveling, sports such as skiing or running, friends, family, culinary arts, wine, new trends all over the world"

    Personal Question:

    "Why do you feel comfortable at elho?"

    Elho is a dynamic company where it is very pleasant to work. Many things are organized to create teamspirit. Seasons are different, the company is constantly evolving, innovation is the core of the ''elho concept". It is a company that lives! It is because of this all, that you feel good when you're at elho.

  • Stefan Koppelaar merchandiser

     "Enthusiastic, optimistic, caring, theme parks, sun, family / friends, someone who is really enjoying life!"

    Personal question: Where are you proud of at elho? 

    I am most proud of the fact that I am a part of the elho team. It is an beautiful family company, every year many  innovations, creative and innovative.
    In short; together with the elho team providing satisfied retailers and consumers.

  • Thomas Schubert Sales Representative Germany

     "Sporty, homely, enjoying life, diligent, soccer, social, fun music, I'm even a little DJ"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you happy to work for elho?"

    My workplace is secure. Together we are a big family. There will be new customers every year, which means you have new jobs everytime. It's nice to see happy customers. All the new innovations every year are incredible. It's fun to be a part of the growth of the company.

  • Tobias Last Sales Representative Germany

     "Sports (especially football), friends, traveling, movies, and music"

    Personal Question:

    "Why are you proud to work at elho?"

    I am proud to work for a growing, enthusiastic company like elho. It's always nice to inspire people with new ideas to make their house happier and give them the elho feeling.